4 States Of Tour Details

Tour Details of 4 States of North-East

In this vlog, you will find 20 days detailed itinerary for North East India. The journey will start from Guwahati To Guwahati (Assam) You can hire a taxi for one day for Rs 2000-2500 depending on the season and your negotiation skill or you can see on your own. You can stay in the Paltan Bazar area near the bus stand there are many hotels and lodges. you have to keep your bags in free locker and shoes in the stand. bags are not allowed in the temple.

You will get a bus just outside of Guwahati Railway station, fare Rs 10 Entry is free. Need two hours to see including queue. you can get a bus from the railway station to reach here. Entry fee Rs 30, children Rs 10 5-7km from railway station. Water bottles and plastic not allowed inside. Camera charges Rs 100, no fee for Mobile. We need 2 hours to cover this zoo. There are Lion, Cheetah, Ghariyal, birds, monkeys, black panther, Python, white tiger, Bengal tiger, one-horned Rhino, peacock, etc.

The best season to visit is winter, you have to walk a lot inside so winter is the best season it will avoid sweating. Friday closed. The opening time is 8 am to 5 pm. Time can spend 1-2 hours. Walking distance from Guwahati Railway station. Timing is 10 am to 4 pm Closed on Monday, 2nd and 4th Saturday. Entry fees Rs 5, Camera Rs 5 best time to visit in the evening. it is just behind the railway station. can cover in one hour it also called Paltan bazaar Things can get clothes, bags, footwear, jewelry, toys, etc It will be open till 9 pm

Do booking for Shillong by bus Bus fare is Rs 140. The time required to reach Shillong is 3.30 – 4 hours You can hire a taxi for 3 days for 4500-5000 depending on the season and your negotiation skill You can stay in the Police Bazar area. hotel Hariom is Veg and the cheapest hotel in this area.

Best time to visit Meghalaya is Rainy season to see waterfalls Opening time is 9 am to 3.30 pm Entry fee Rs30 and parking Rs 30 Time can be spent around 45-minute parking Rs 30 Opening time is 9.30 to 4.30 pm, Sunday 9.30 to 1 pm 10km from police Bazar Entry is free, ID is necessary Closed on Monday and national holidays Time can spend 1 hour Open 10 am to 6pm Open all day of week. Entry fee Rs 20, Parking Rs 20 Time can spend 1-1.30 hour You have to walk down steps so it might be difficult for over healthy people Entry fee Rs 5 Camera Rs100, Time can spend 1.30 hours Timings 9.30 to 4.30 It is near Riwai village About 80km from shillong Time needed to reach 2.30 hours Time need to spend 1.30 hours

You have walk down a few steps It is a man-made natural living root bridge made from rubber tree. Entry fee Rs 10 you can see Bangladesh village from here 45-minute walk from Single root bridge Entry fees is Rs 25 Time you can spend 30 minutes It is Asia’s cleanest village It will take 30 minutes from Single root bridge 80 km from Shillong and Time required to reach 2.30 hours Plastic is banned and smoking is prohibited You can spend 2 hours including lunch Lunch is cheap i.e. Rs 80-100 veg and non- veg Thali.

This is a major attraction of Meghalaya Mawlynnong to Dawki one hour drive Take small /down road to reach Dawki River boating is available Rs 500 per boat It can accommodate up to 8 people. The road is bad and lonely but many waterfalls on the way Mawlynnong to Dawki is 35 km One round by boat on the Umngot river will be about 45 minute River has clear Green color water.

Shillong to Dawki is about 82km and it takes 2:30 – 3:00 hours to reach It is in Police Bazar area the center place of city for tourists is the most happening place in Shillong You can shop, drink, eat, stroll, etc. There is always traffic in this area but it is within walking distance from city bus stand You can spend 1-1.30 hours

A new name for cherrapunjee is Sohra Entry fees Rs 20 and parking Rs 20 Time can spend 30-minute Opening timings 8 am to 5 pm View is amazing. Children playground. It is a natural cave 60km from Shillong and 6km from Cherrapunjee (Sohra) Opening timings 9.30 am to 5.30 pm Entry fees Rs 20 Parking Rs 20 From entry to exit in the Cave it takes 45-50minute Need 1-1.15 hours total to spend. Too dry in winter Best season to visit is monsoon Entrance Rs 10 Time can spend 30 minutes COME BACK to Shillong Church Entrance is free. Located at laitumkhrah area. Don Bosco entry fee Rs 100 It is 6 story building From the top you can get a beautiful city view. Time required 2 hours It is the best romantic place in Shillong Entry fees RS 10, camera Rs 20 Timings 8.30 to 6.30 pm March to October 8.30 to 4.30 pm (Nov to Feb) You can also do boating in the lake. Time can spend one hour

Take night bus to Agartala Distance 400 km Rs 800 per person required 14 hours to reach. Take auto from Bus stand and go to motor stand area. Share auto will cost you Rs 10 Opening time 10am to 6pm Closed on Monday and public holiday Time can be spend 1.30-2 hours Entry fee Rs 15

Winter is the best season to visit Build by Raja Manikya in 1901 Private vehicle will cost you 1200-1500 for sightseeing. Boat charges Rs 25 to reach neer mahal Parking Rs 20 Neer mahal entry charges Rs 30 Camera charges extra, not charges for mobile You have 45 minutes to spend in Neer Mahal Boat will take 15 minutes to reach Neer mahal which is inside the water Neer Mahal is empty because all the things shifted to Ujjayanta palace Motor stand area is a good place to stay. lodges, hotels, and market area is available.

Madan Mohan Lodge for Rs 500 for the couple. in the night there is lighting in mahal 60 km from motor stand area Agartala Afternoon closed for 2 hours Prasad/lunch is Rs 40 Outside there is small pond called Kalyan Sagar lake You can get private taxi for 3500-4000 for return jouney Agartala to unakoti is about 160 km and it will take 5 hours to reach Road condition is not so good Entrance is free Time can spend 2 hours Take morning train to Dharmanagar, it will reach at 10am From there take taxi to Unakoti it will take 30-40 minute Take afternoon train it will reach to Agartala 8pm or go to Silchar You can also go by Train but road condition is very bad and it take more than 10 hours Train time 10.45 to 8pm Passenger train fare is Rs 50 only Train journey is very scenic

As you reach go to Capital travel area and book shared sumo for Aizawl Mizoram Sumo fare is 400 shared Sumo will leave at 7 am and reach Aizawl at 3 pm You will need Inner Land permit and you can get it near Mizoram border It will cost you Rs 120 and have to provide an ID card and 2 passport photos It is 185 km and takes 8 hours to reach. 10 people can accommodate in the vehicle. Avoid going on Sunday because everything will be closed they will drop you at zohrawat Once you reach Aizawl go to Evening Market It is the most happening place in town Advance Book shared sumo back to Silchar for Rs 350,for next day.

They will drop you at Zarkawt area. The best season is Winter. Sun will set at 5 pm and rise at 4 am. Book a taxi for Rs 800- 1000 church Opening time is 10 am Entry fee is Rs 20 Solomon’s temple is actually a Church Best time to visit Christmas because of outstanding decoration Time can spend 1 hour. Leave for state museum it will take one hour to reach. 2000 people can accommodate at a time need 2 hours Closed on all Sundays and government holidays Opening time Mondays 1 to 4.30 pm Entry fee is Rs 20 Oct to Feb- Tue to Friday 10-3.30pmMar to Sept- Tue to Friday 10-4.30pm

Night journey Aizawl to Silchar Sumo will reach Silchar at 5 am. Book ticket for Imphal (Manipur) 7 am shared sumo will leave from Silchar to Imphal Manipur November is the best time to visit due to Shanghai Festival Fare is Rs 600 Silchar Assam to Imphal Manipur distance is 270km Time required to reach 9 hours Road is good but due to hilly area it takes time. Reached Imphal in the evening and stayed at Dharmshala in Thangal Bazar Imphal this is the checkpoint and they will check your ID card Dharmshala charges Rs 100 You can hire Auto or can go on your own.

Most of the places are within walking distance. It is in Thangal Bazar so walking distance Opening time 5 am to 5 pm Time can spend 1 hour All women’s market run by only women Must visit place This is one of it’s kind in the world. 10 minute walk from ima keithel /thangal bazar 11 meter tall tower It is in bir tikendrajit park Entry is free You can take auto from thangal bazar or kangla fort for Rs 70 Opening timings 5am to 12 pm and 4 pm to 8pm Time can spend 30 minute

Open all days of week You can go on foot from thangal bazar it will take 40 minutes to reach Timings 7am to 5 pm Can spend 2 hours Entry fees is Rs 10 You can also hire cart for Rs 100 open all day except Wednesday Entry is free time can spend 30 min’ Take shared auto for Rs 20 Cemetery has 1600 burials of second world war of 1942 Timings are 9.30 to 4.30pm You can shop around thangal bazar Time can spend 1-1.30 hours Timings are 10am to 4pm Closed on Monday, second Saturday and general holidays It is 10 minute walk from thangal bazar you can get bus ticket in BOC area

You can get buses for Dimapur, Guwahati, Shillong Distance is 136 km It will take about 7 hours Road condition is bad Blue hill and Airbus are reliable services You can visit Kohima war cemetery Time can spend 30 minute December 1 to 10 is the best season to visit due to Hornbill festival Closed on Sunday took a bus from town till BOC for Rs 10 walk for 10 min took share taxi for Kisama village for Rs 50 Time required to reach 45 minute. Entry fee is Rs 30 worldwide popular festival It starts from 1st December to 10th December every year.

Naga traditional item exhibition Shared taxi cost will vary from 250-500 depending on passenger available and time Time required to reach is 3-3.30 hours Kohima to Dimapur is 70km You can also go by bus. Bus charges are about Rs 150 Dimapur Nagaland to Simalgudi by Night Train Dibrugarh express Dimapur is at 1.40 am and it will reach Simalgudi 3.35 am In the morning take a shared minivan to Shiv Sagar fare is Rs 20 30 minute walk from Sibsagar bus stand No entry fee Time can spend 30 minutes No much rush in the temple except Monday and Mahashivratri Book evening ticket for Tezpur shiva tank- It is behind the shiva temple Time can spend 30 minutes

Walking distance from shiva temple Entry fee Rs 5 Timings are 10 am to 4 pm winter is the best season to visit Time can spend 1.30 hours It showcase History, culture and daily life of Ahom culture 5 km away from shiva temple You can get share vehicle for Rs 20 One of the largest man-made lake in India. Entry fee Rs 10 Time can spend 30 minutes walking distance from Joy Sagar lake Entry fee Rs 15 Time can spend 1-1.30 hours Constructed in 1751 Timings 10 am to 6 pm Timings 9 am to 5 pm Time can spend 30-minute Entry fee Rs 15 Take shared minivan for Rs 10 to bus stand From Talatal Ghar walk for 15 min till the main road then Rs 10 to Rang Ghar

Same day 10 pm leave by bus and reach 4 am to Tezpur Assam Sibsagar to Tezpur distance is 220 km It takes 6 hours to reach. you will reach at 4 am to ASTC bus stop book shared sumo for Tawang Arunachal Pradesh Fare Rs 750 Sumo will leave Tezpur at 6 am Distance is about 325 km Time required to reach is 13 hours You will need Inner Land Permit to visit Arunachal Pradesh

They will stop for breakfast and lunch Scenery is amazing You will reach at 7 pm in Tawang. Go to the guesthouse it will cost you Rs 600 for one night. best time to visit is Winter for Snowfall after Sella pass visit Jaswant baba temple entry is free If you are fit you can cover on foot Time can spend 30 minute Time required on foot 2 hours this is one of the oldest monasteries in the world Timings 9 am to 6 pm entry is free you can also visit museum Time can spend 1.30-2 hours One-hour walk from city center. One hour is enough Nehru market is the center place for shopping and food One hour walk from the city center. China war show will start after dark i.e. around 6 pm It is a 45-minute show presented by the Indian Army No entry fee For war memorial time can spend 30 minutes.

Do advance booking from Tawang to Tezpur in Nehru market outskirt of Tawang 13 km from city center Time can spend 30 minutes On the way to Bumla pass It is the border area of India and China There is nothing much to see, only you can see bunkers of China and that too not much visible I think it is overrated. This is one of the most beautiful lakes and a must-visit attraction in Arunachal Pradesh Entry is free Time can spend 1.30 hours Canteen maintained by Indian Army You can have food like momos, Maggi, tea coffee here You can also buy Army things like a jacket, shoes, goggles, t-shirt, etc You can find those on the way to Shungester lake but do not visit while going. You can plan to visit on the return journey if you have time Sumo will come and pick you from your hotel or guest house at 5 am Sumo will leave Tawang at 6 am It will reach Tezpur at 7 pm Distance is 325 km They will drop you on the highway. Take shared Auto to ASTC bus stand fare is RS 30 Go and book a private bus to Guwahati Tezpur to Guwahati distance is 185 km It takes 6 hours to reach Bus will leave at 10 pm and reach Guwahati next day 4 am Bus fare is about Rs. 100 They will drop you behind the Railway station.

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