Baba Ka Dhaba Malviya Nagar 80 years couple goes Viral and Zomato Listed

Baba Ka Dhaba so this time social media helps this 80-year-old couple to goes viral.

Baba Ka Dhaba
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New Delhi:- BaBa Ka Dhaba a 30 years small road side food stall at Malviya Nagar New Delhi, which is run by an elderly couple which video goes viral in social media.

A food blogger named Gaurav Wasam went to this Baba Ka Dhaba for his blogging and there is whole story came out. During this pandemic situation and lockdown lots of food stall or restaurants business get hamper and there is not denying fact that this situation create lots of people to think of their survival.

Baba Ka Dhaba

Street foods and restaurant are closed with their little earning and most of them closed because they cannot survive who largely dependent on their daily earnings, but after this video get viral in social media given ray of hope to all street vendors.

Baba ka Dhaba a 30 year old food stall in Malviya Nagar New Delhi run by 80 years old Elderly couple Kanta Prasad, is struggling to earn their daily need due to the ongoing pandemic situation.

Their hearth touching emotional videos bring by the food blogger Gaurav Wasam and that went viral on social media.

baba ka dhaba original video is here

The owner of the Baba ka Dhaba, Kanta Prasad explains how they manage their daily expenses they show their dish like Dal makhani, Panner Mattar, aloo soya, Bhindi Bhurjee, at a very reasonable price range of Rs 30 to Rs 50, while explaining all these to Gaurav they just broke out with tears and Gaurav tried to console them.

When asking about the video Gaurav tell to Media “When I came here yesterday I had goosebumps on listening to their plight. They had earned barely Rs. 70 a day. They had come at 6:30 am to set up the shop and had spent Rs. 500 but even after lunchtime, they had earned only Rs. 70. So I decided to record and share the video to help them. I am overwhelmed by the kind of support that he has received since then. It is great that there are so many people who want to help this man struggling due to poverty.”

This Hearth touching video make over 9 million views on Instagram in 24 hrs since it shared by gaurav. after that long ques held in Baba Ka Dhaba in Malviya Nagar New Delhi and sooner their pale face gone and after 30 years they see so much visitors to their Dhaba.

Even that touching videos goes viral among cricketers, celebrities and Actress, The hastag #BabaKaDhaba in top in trends in twitter see some latest Tweets from celebs.

Looking to this situation Zomato also came out for help and listed Baba Ka Dhaba on Zomato now you can also order food from Baba Ka Dhaba

After this Thursday night, by tweeting on behalf of zomato it was said, ‘Baba ka Dhaba’ is now listed on Zomato. Our team is working with the elderly couple there so that they can have food.

Zomato said in a tweet on behalf ofย Zomato, “Thank you to the good people on the Internet for bringing our attention to this.”ย There are dhaba’s of many other babas who need help.ย If you know such outlets, go to to share their details.ย We promise that we will do what we can do with a smiling face.

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