February 2019 Monthly review Teer Results

February 2019 Monthly Review Teer Results

Hello Guys in this blog we going to review the February 2019 Monthly review of Teer result and have detail analysis of them

Table of February 2019 Monthly Review of Juwai Teer Results

Date28-02-2019First Round1Second Round94
Date26-02-2019First Round98Second Round87
Date25-02-2019First Round80Second Round25
Date23-02-2019First Round36Second Round5
Date22-02-2019First Round60Second Round44
Date21-02-2019First Round13Second Round75
Date20-02-2019First Round72Second Round38
Date19-02-2019First Round63Second Round5
Date18-02-2019First Round14Second Round64
Date16-02-2019First Round0Second Round94
Date15-02-2019First Round35Second Round39
Date14-02-2019First Round10Second Round82
Date13-02-2019First Round94Second Round3
Date12/2/2019First Round43Second Round74
Date11/2/2019First Round8Second Round7
Date9/2/2019First Round44Second Round55
Date8/2/2019First Round54Second Round89
Date7/2/2019First Round68Second Round60
Date6/2/2019First Round20Second Round62
Date5/2/2019First Round23Second Round80
Date4/2/2019First Round98Second Round33
Date2/2/2019First Round63Second Round92
Date1/2/2019First Round85Second Round83

First Round Results show a repeat of 98 two times and both numbers are from 9th house so guys that’s why we say that common numbers are factors of getting Teer Target Number.

First-round Results show 36, 35, from 3rd house & 63, 68, 63, 60 are from 6th house are the perfect combination of repeating numbers in First Round

Second Round results show 80, 82, 83, 87,89, repeating two times that also you can call the perfect match.

Second Round results 92, 94, 94 are same from 9th house and repeating alternate days

Same 94, 96, 96 are the combination of alternate days with 8th house, 2nd house

55, 75, 74, 7, 5, 3, 1 are every alternative days results

Date30-03-2019First Round23Second Round76
Date29-03-2019First Round79Second Round30
Date28-03-2019First Round31Second Round72
Date27-03-2019First Round75Second Round9
Date26-03-2019First Round45Second Round46
Date25-03-2019First Round66Second Round76
Date23-03-2019First Round25Second Round81
Date22-03-2019First Round78Second Round18
Date21-03-2019First Round52Second Round54
Date20-03-2019First Round99Second Round50
Date19-03-2019First Round30Second Round11
Date18-03-2019First Round18Second Round43
Date16-03-2019First Round98Second Round31
Date15-03-2019First Round41Second Round54
Date14-03-2019First Round33Second Round85
Date13-03-2019First Round2Second Round69
Date12/3/2019First Round11Second Round30
Date11/3/2019First Round42Second Round52
Date9/3/2019First Round63Second Round88
Date8/3/2019First Round74Second Round61
Date7/3/2019First Round83Second Round82
Date6/3/2019First Round30Second Round84
Date5/3/2019First Round61Second Round62
Date4/3/2019First Round2Second Round35
Date2/3/2019First Round15Second Round16
Date1/3/2019First Round66Second Round28