T20 IPL 2020 instead of ODI Good Future of Cricket

T20 IPL 2020 cricket What an amazing format

The format has given the game a Modern Twist The people and the general public for that matter really love the T20 IPL 2020 cricket In my opinion, it’s the future of the game! And it’s because it’s quick-paced, and packed with a lot of action They can play many matches on a day There are many such interesting parameters in the T20 IPL cricket.

But how and where did this T20 IPL cricket come from? England was the one who showed theT20 IPL cricket to the world There is a huge story behind that If you ask why T20 cricket In around 2003 -2004, I went to Scotland to play as an overseas professional I had gone there for a year of League Cricket They used to have a Wednesday Game Usually our league match would be on Saturday or Sunday Then they created a Wednesday evening match On Wednesdays, the match would be played from 6 to 9 in the evening.

If you ask me why they created that, There is a lot of light during summer in England It would start to get dark only at 9 or 10 They had to show interest in cricket during that time They only have cricket in summer, for 6 months They wanted to play as much as possible In fact, everyone would be working and would return home only at 4 or 5 They wanted to play cricket once they were back, And that’s how T20 cricket was formed.

Since they have less time on Wednesdays and weekdays they decided to play only 20 overs in the evening That’s how this format was started Moving on from there, India won the first T20 World Cup in 2007 In fact, even this has a predecessor India went to the T20 World Cup as a young team under the captaincy of MS. Dhoni.

You might remember that no big players went! Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly Rahul Dravid, VVS Laxman, Zahir Khan None of these big players went, and because BCCI did not consciously send them Because initially when England brought the T20 format BCCI was not for T20 But since they were conducting a World Cup they decided to send out a young team And what did the young team do? They won the World Cup! Suddenly the Indian public decided that T20 cricket is the future.

This new craze was then created after the 2007 World Cup! And after that, not IPL, but ICL was started They started ICL They started and ran a company That saw success at a big level! That made BCCI think that ICL became successful at a huge level and that is what created T20 IPL came during 2008 One of the biggest tournaments in the world The best league in the world! A billion-dollar product was created T20 IPL.

Many interesting things happened during the 2007 T20 World Cup Yuvraj Singh hit six 6s off Stuart Broad’s six balls No one has done that in a World Cup That happened! The last over was unforgettable India vs Pakistan, Misbah on strike! What did Mahendra Singh Dhoni do in that case?

Both Harbhajan Singh and Joginder Sharma were ready Everyone thought Harbhajan Singh was the better option He thought differently He gave the over to Joginder Sharma! I asked him many times “Why did you give the over to Joginder Sharma instead of Harbhajan Singh?” His answer was… Harbhajan Singh is an off-spinner And Joginder Sharma is a seamer He said “I have played with Misbah-ul-Haq in India three years ago” “And, he always smashes off-spinners” “I knew this fact since I had seen this three years ago and it’s in my mind’s database”

“That’s why I gave it to Joginder Sharma” “I did not have to choose between Harbhajan Singh and Joginder Sharma” “Should I give it to a medium pacer or an off-spinner?” “I gave it to the medium-pacer”, that’s what he said! This is the clarity in the captain’s thinking He did not see the Harbhajan Singh vs Joginder Sharma He thought of giving it to a medium pacer or an off-spinner and then decided After that, he told me about what he used to say to Joginder Sharma during the match The first-ever T20 match

It was between two county teams It was between Middlesex and Surrey at the Lords There was a huge crowd! There were 27,509 people gathered to witness the first T20 match It was understood that this new format was a success right after that first match The only match that had more crowd before this was during a one day final in Lords, 1953 There was never a crowd like this Look at its a success though This England format slowly gained popularity India’s 2007 World Cup win was the icing on the cake It was quite clear that the T20 IPL format was here to stay It is the future and the way forward.

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